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Climate Control

As we all strive to play our part in saving the environment, it’s important to remember that our homes and workplaces offer us the greatest opportunities to conserve energy, become more energy efficient, and save money as well as the environment.


Cheevers Smart Solutions’ integrated climate control systems enable you to program heating, ventilation, and air conditioning settings based upon your personalised preferences and time schedule.


Cheevers Smart Solutions can help you design and install a climate control system that will make your home much more energy efficient, help the environment, and save you money in household running costs. Also, such systems provide you with a much more comfortable, healthy and cosy home.


Thermostats can be set-up as stand alone units, and we can also enable you to remotely control your heating system via touch panels, as well as using occupancy sensors that limit energy consumption in unoccupied rooms or zones.


Pool, Spa & Jacuzzi Control


If you have a swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi, Cheevers Smart Solutions can ensure you enjoy just the right temperature whenever you wish to use them – and if you’ve had a tough day and would love to have them just right when you get home, you can even “contact” your house remotely and set the temperature.