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Independent Living Solutions


Totally Discrete,absolutely secure...

Cheevers Remote Care technology is not about installing surveillance. In fact, cameras form no part of the core system.

The technology has been designed from the ground-up to ensure complete respect for the privacy and dignity for those in your care by alerting you or a trusted caregiver ONLY if something should occur that requires your attention. Through a range of discrete wireless sensors linked via internet connection to a secure web portal, alerts can be sent if something out of the ordinary happens. For example, if a bed remains occupied for longer than usual, a door is left open or if a ‘contact me’ button is pressed.

Monitored Only by Trusted Caregivers

Through a simple yet secure1 web-based portal, you control who sees information, what each one sees, and how they receive the information. For example, the primary caregiver may have access to all system information, but a neighbour helping out would only receive email or text notification if an exterior door was left open. 

Quality of Life

We all know there’s no place like home for an elderly or disabled person. But you can’t be right beside them all the time. The Cheevers Remote Care system lets them continue to live independently, while their families and carers share responsibilities between siblings, care professionals, neighbours and other caregivers included.

Easy to Use

Those in your care don’t need to change their behaviour or learn a new system for both of you to enjoy the benefits of the Cheevers Remote Care system. Apart from an optional ‘Contact Me’ button that can be worn on a pendant, your loved one or dependent will never need to interact with the system in their home.

Reduce the Cost of Care

For less than the cost of one month in an assisted living facility, you can install the Cheevers Remote Care system and instantly be made aware of situations requiring your attention with secure messages sent by e-mails, texts, or the internet. 

Flexible and Expandable

Since the Cheevers Remote Care system is built on standard smart home controllers, you can add additional features, such as automated lighting or access control, to customise the home and make it safer and more secure. You choose what you want to be notified about. Receive instant alerts through e-mail or via text on your mobile phone when activity or lack of activity takes place. Daily or weekly reports are available on-line or can be sent via e-mail. The system is totally modular and can be adapted to meet changing needs. Once the system is installed, the powerful yet user-friendly web-based configuration tool allows you to customise the system to meet new requirements yourself. If you wish, Cheevers Smart Solutions can always do this for you.