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The modern home and workplace are being used for longer periods and in more ways than previously. Lighting has therefore become a major factor for you and Cheevers Smart Solutions can design, install and program the most suitable and comprehensive lighting control system for your home or workplace, both interior and exterior.


Cheevers Smart Solutions’ lighting control systems enhance your home and workplace experiences whilst meeting your expectations of comfort, control and convenience. They can be customised to suit your personal preferences, mood and ambience; and your living and work habits, whilst also helping improve energy conservation and efficiency and thus contributing to the environment and saving on costs to you.

We can help you create themed lighting schemes for your home, lawns and garden areas; entrance; drive and walkways; and other outdoor zones. You can use a single wall-mounted keypad that allow you to turn on/off or dim all or any of the lights in your home from any room with a single touch, and these controls can be integrated with the distributed audio visual control systems.